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We Stranded

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Avatar Bahma 06.06.2012, 18:10Time icon
  New Version from 25.11.12:

German Version:

English Version:

New Multiplayer Load and Save Methods
To learn more about it please read:
How To Play

# Client can fill bottles and create cord
# Client can fish and dig
# Planting Bugs fixed
# Tents get dismantled syncron
# Buildings get unlocked correctly
# Client get Skill for planting, fishing and digging
# Animals attack Client
# A lot of small fixes

Known Problems
# Client gives his skill for hunting and lumber jacking to the Host
# Animals don't work properly
# Animals are not always syncron
# Client don't get Weather changes
# Torches only light at the own player
# Not all Animals have death sequence at the Client
# Animals don't spawn at the Clients

From this Version on english language will be supported.
Avatar Jan25051 07.06.2012, 11:06Time icon
  Thanks for all :D

If i find bugs, i will report it here (=
Bitte einmal klicken.
Würd mich drüber freuen thumbs up lol
Avatar Sadknife 08.06.2012, 19:13Time icon
  I can't seem to find any animals at all, the only creature I saw was this spider, I'm just going to wait for a reply now as I'm dieing from starvation....
And then I died... banana
Avatar Bahma 08.06.2012, 19:22Time icon
  First of all animals are still buggy.
But that you cant find any is probably because of the map you are playing or because the spawn is not working correctly.
Avatar adriel0000 09.06.2012, 21:33Time icon
  Thanks for this version. This version is under development since when?
Avatar Bahma 09.06.2012, 22:09Time icon
  Hey Thanks for the replay.
i didn't understand your question totally.
I'm permanently developing on this version.
Avatar adriel0000 09.06.2012, 22:35Time icon
  Since when is developing this mod?
And I found a bug:
When player 2 is tired can not sleep and you get a message that says:
-You are not tired

And he dead xD
Avatar Bahma 11.06.2012, 14:21Time icon
  I do not know when oraclefile started to develop the game.
On April I started improving the stranded multiplayer, mainly by fixing a lot of bugs.

I will look into this bug, did it only happen on the english version or on the German version, too?
Avatar adriel0000 11.06.2012, 15:11Time icon
I have not tried the German version, but the English version if you encounter this bug. I recommend to you that sets a new version soon solved this bug because this bug is impossible to play in multiplayer ... And two more questions:
You have plans to add more things in this mod apart from the multiplayer mode?
Current mods for Stranded II is compatible with the multiplayer mod?

I found another bug, when I load a saved game from the menu load multiplayer save, the game shuts down and fails. Please, solve these problems early and take a quick patch!

Thank you, and still so ... thumbs up
Avatar moniko 14.06.2012, 08:03Time icon
  Every few months, I become bored with the usual games that I play and want to relax with something different. Every time this happens, I end up playing Stranded II again.
It was by pure random chance that I ran into this website and found the original release of the multiplayer version, and it was so buggy that we couldn't play it. That was when I realized that this update had come out (these download links aren't the same as those on the front page).

So I want to extend my respect and gratitude to you, sir, for continuing the project. This June release is actually decently stable, and I really appreciate it. My friend and I managed to get a well functioning server going on hamachi after some tweaking and map creating, and I'm happy with the results. THANK YOU. We will make all possible efforts to bring you detailed bug reports and help in any way that we can. We really want to see this mod developed further.

You have to understand the level of epic nostalgia and happiness that I feel as I replay this game, now with multiplayer. Thank you so much.

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